Sponsored by the CIO Council, and compiled by Stanford’s IT Community, this Campus IT Plan provides a collective view of the technology improvement efforts in progress to serve the Stanford community. The individual plans align to a set of common strategic areas identified by key Stanford stakeholders as critical to technology support at Stanford.

This year’s plan captures 121 forward looking IT strategies and over 270 technology efforts informed by many trends and external forces that shape how we deliver technology. These include:

  • Stanford’s long range vision
  • Prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion
  • A renewed focus on improving the student experience
  • Changes in the way people work remotely and gather virtually
  • Increased access, organization and governance needs in support of research data
  • Continued interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • Interoperability in a heterogeneous on-premise and multi-cloud environment
  • Continued security risks and threats
  • Challenges with attracting and retaining skilled IT staff
  • Commitment to professional development and staff training
  • Leveraging and expanding on realized operational improvements due to the pandemic (e.g., remote work, hybrid learning)
  • Focus on automation, process improvement, and organizational transformation via SaaS tools
  • Investment in furthering Stanford’s high-performance computing footprint

These trends require our IT Community to be agile and innovative; we must continually change many aspects of how technology-related work is done. And most importantly, we must work together, consistently sharing ideas, best practices and solutions. Publishing this collection of efforts will make it easier to communicate, partner and share resources across the university.

An IT Community Plan

Hundreds of staff contributed to various aspects of this year’s Campus IT Plan. They include:

  • CIO Council members who drafted vision statements
  • Representatives from each participating unit, who were responsible for working with their teams to gather, write and submit plans for their respective units
  • Business and technology leaders that crafted roadmaps and forward-looking strategies
  • A core project team of University IT staff members, who coordinated and administered the project from start to finish

Feedback Please

We are interested in your feedback and ideas about how we can improve and build on this Campus IT Plan. Please submit your feedback, ideas and questions, and a member of the team will get back to you as quickly as we can.